Jun 1 2013

update 05/2013

besides gig-preparations and ongoing recordings there are some more things happening at kikai kikagu.
we’re preparing mastering-sessions for a couple of artists, sorting out some hardware-synths not to be used anymote – and getting space for some new acquisitions.
live rig will be redesigned for use of ipad and iphone plus some additional handy stuff. no more synth-walls – sorry, dear gearpornocrats :)

finally a new track is in mixing-stage to be released soon!

Nov 22 2010

myspace updated

we switched to new profile on myspace.
but it seems our time at myspace turns to an end.
too much adds, too much gaming – is this the way all social-network-sites go?
hope not.
anyway: join us on myspace or any other place :)


Nov 25 2009

follow-up: waves

i’ld like to mention that our cooperation with Marvin Ayres was based on Wave’, from ‘Neptune‘ by Marvin Ayres.

if you’re a spontaneous visitor you could download ‘Neptune’ for just 1€ (est.) – offer is valid till 30th November 2009.
It’s definetly worth it….and more ;).