Aug 3 2010


finished “the garage” recently… “the flat” is also setup and ready again.

“the garage”:
– 100% analogue instruments, processing, mixing and recording

“the flat”:
– analogue/digital instruments, digital processing, digital mixing and recording

will post some more details later…..

Jul 8 2010

work in progress: ‘mono’

some pics while working on ‘mono’……

work in progresswork in progresswork in progresswork in progress

Mar 16 2010

preparing ‘forw’

entering pre-production-phase. tracks are nearly done. still some tweaking and mixing to be done.
not forgetting artwork, booklet and stuff.
hopefully ‘forw’ will be out before next gig @kulturrampe!

here are the tracks:

forw by kikai .

Dec 20 2009

without frontiers

a complete rewrite of “Games without Frontiers” (Peter Gabriel)…
…we re-recorded some vocals and saved original vocals from Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.
Bridges were dropped to let some space for PPG Wave sounds :)

as soon as Peter has checked the song we’ll publish it here!
stay tuned