Aug 7 2010

album/EP ‘colours’ available

finished the album/EP ‘colours‘, based on an inspiring collaboration with James Eagalwulf.
James is a senseful and talented poet, writer and vocalist, whom i met on reverbnation.

Listen to ‘colours‘ and buy it – you name the price.

included in the album/EP are two bonus-tracks, a video and a booklet containing all the colourful lyrics.

any sales will be donated to choosen projects – as all other kikai-sales will..

Jul 16 2010

colourful videos

videos for colours-tracks:


Videos created by James Eagalwulf (except ‘anonymous’: edited by kikai).

Jun 30 2010

colours by kikai

lyrics&vocals: James Eagalwulf, Patrick Lajeunesse
music: kikai.

Jun 29 2010

from well-informed circles

something spooky happens….something noisy, weird and loud…
we managed to get some snippet from behind closed doors….

pssst….listen but don’t tell anybody!
it’s called ‘puppets’.