Oct 14 2010

remastered: realworld trilogy

you’ll find the remastered album here – including a bonus-track.

<a href="http://music.iamkikai.de/album/realworld-trilogy">realworld trilogy by kikai</a>

Album is available as FREE download !! If you like it and want to support our cause – buy one of our other albums published! .

May 25 2010

without frontiers


Mar 30 2010

free EP

we’d like to direct you towards a FREE EP for you to download, in exchange for your email address:


We’ll be using the mailing list to keep you updated from time to time with what’s going on, as well as giving those who sign up the first look at new music – so it’s well worth it!

Would love to hear your thoughts on the EP..

Mar 8 2010

top2 in realworld

realworlds TOP TWENTY have “fear” on rank 2 per sunday 7th march.
thx folks…and keep on voting!

Bonus:Fear by kikai .