Jan 19 2016

new concept album “one hundert poems”

this is part one … nine to follow.

Hyakunin isshu (百人一首) is a traditional style of compiling Japanese waka poetry where each contributor writes one poem for the anthology.
the wakas used had been written between 1162 and 1241.

images courtesy UBC Library.

Jan 9 2014

happy 2014

wishing all our fans and supporters a prosperous and happy 2014 !!

you might be interested in facts and numbers: since we started selling our albums supporting social causes (approx. 2001) we have donated more than 10.000€ to various projects and organizations.
big thanks to YOU who made that possible by buying our music and spreading the word!!
very glad about it all – and it motivates to keep going this way :)

2014 will be the year to publish another album. “0123” will be available around april and will contain new ambient electronics, collabs and bonusses. Be prepared :)

please keep up your support and let’s stay in touch!
Marius & all contributing artists

Jun 16 2013

update 06/2013

after thorough testing i’ve decided to add new waldorf nave ios app to live-setup for upcoming performances in france.
integrates nicely via midi and audiobus, offers some nice realtime tweakables and sound posibilities are dope.
great companion to wolfgang palms wave-apps.
interested in complete gear/setup?<

Jun 5 2013

new track: aprilogique (farewell)

intended to be some relaxed ambient track i added some leads and twirls – due to a tragic loss of a family member this track now is dedicated to the little big man who fought hard but lost in the end.