Jun 30 2009

very rare moment

as you might have realized kikai publishes songs but never appeared on any stage.
this will be changed in August 2009 – and i don’t know if it will happen again (at least i can’t tell if it will happen again in 2009).

so….we proudly announce a gig at Kulturrampe, Krefeld (a fantastic Venue if you ask me) on the occasion of 30th anniversary of “Krefelder Musiker-Initiative e.V.“.
Knut and Marius will perform new songs….and funny as i think about it….it’s kind of a chairmans gig….as Knut is the actual chairman and Marius is actually the vice chairman of “Krefelder Musiker-Initiative e.V.

The festival details: Saturday 29th August 2009 starting 11:11 Uhr, Kulturrampe Krefeld · Oppumer Straße 175 (Großmarkt)

kikai’s gig is not yet scheduled….we will post updates as soon as we have news….

Jun 27 2009

30years Krefelder Musiker-Initiative

planning to do a little live performance with Knut on guitar.
just had our first rehearsal…..and ideas are good….so coming weekends are planned.
getting new music on stage…
being the electronic light in this heavy-metal-grunge-core-hell :)

did i mention the date: 29th of August, 2009 – Kulturrampe, Krefeld.

Apr 26 2009

teamrock setup 1

this is my supposed setup playing at “teamrock 2009″:

it’s a small setup containing Akais great MPK49-Controllerkeyboard, a Roland Xp60 Workstation and UseAudio’s Plugiator…a DSP-Synth….