Jul 15 2013

tour de france 2013: a resume

hugging the big modular, packing stuff and having a final drink with our hosts…

the last days were at least interesting…performances went well, the audiences had been cheerful and appreciated listeners.
besides it had been a marvellous holiday…loads of sun, walks at the beach and drinks at the pool….and marvellous lovely hosts….new and old friends.
will happily return in 2014…au revoir and goodbye ;)

Jul 13 2013

tour de france 2013: self portrait

concentrated look controlling the ipads :) (self-portrait)


Jul 11 2013

6th day in france

thanks to best weather and gorgeous sunshine all systems are charged and run by solar powers.
very small footprint eco-wise :)
and now off to perform a small set in the neighbourhood…..

Jul 10 2013

love, thunder and lightning

and now….sun again :)