Nov 20 2010

collaborations: waves

based on ‘Wave’, from ‘Neptune’ by Marvin Ayres.


Nov 25 2009

follow-up: waves

i’ld like to mention that our cooperation with Marvin Ayres was based on Wave’, from ‘Neptune‘ by Marvin Ayres.

if you’re a spontaneous visitor you could download ‘Neptune’ for just 1€ (est.) – offer is valid till 30th November 2009.
It’s definetly worth it….and more ;).

Nov 25 2009

new social shopping site

you could listen to and buy all kikai-albums…including bonus-material!!

don’t miss….and please remember – all sales will be donated directly to social projects!

‘buruu’-sales will be donated to hospice-foundation in krefeld, germany.

here’s the link:

Aug 31 2009

buruu special covers are ready for shipping

the special design cover for buruu are ready for shipping.
they will be finished in krefeld and then sold exclusively at the hospice blumentalplatz in krefeld, germany.

here’s a first impression of what to expect:

buruu cover

thx to charis for idea and getting this done :).