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review of “Labor” by Sylvain Lupari for Synth&Sequences-webzine

“Kikai is Marius C. Hammerich’s musical project that seems strongly inspired by the Teutonic tempos of Software and the intergalactic atmospheres of Jean Michel Jarre. And Kikai is not exactly a new player in the chessboard of modern EM. It’s since 2005 that Marius C. Hammerich composes an EM which serves the cause of humanitarian works. Distributed by the independent label Kikai Kikagu, his music is also available on several download platforms and the profits go to various charitable works. “Labor” is his first album on a major label (Syngate) and contains a variety of melodies well camped into approaches of New Berlin School of the 80’s with light and lively rhythms which go alongside to cosmic atmospheres. … Soft melodies which flow on light rhythms, “Labor” is a beautiful album of an EM which will please undoubtedly the fans of Software and its post Chip-Meditation era. Marius C. Hammerich excels at the art to surround his compositions of a sound fauna that makes ears open wide. It’s beautiful and catchy …”
french version here.



review of “Cities”-EP by german webzine empulsive.de

“Für knapp 5 Euro lädt uns Marius Hammerich alias Kikai zu seiner speziellen Städtetour ein, die uns ganz EP-like durch 5 Metropolen dieser Welt führen. Aber aufgepasst, die Highlights, die unser musikalischer Reiseguide präsentiert, sind weder Mainstream, noch von den üblichen Touristen besucht. Aber mal ganz ehrlich, wer will schon die langweiligen Give-Away-Shops und Sightseeing-Objekte sehen bzw. hören, die alle sehen. Kikai führt uns dagegen auf spannende Hinterhöfe, öffnet Häuserzeilen mit kantiger und graffitibeladener Farbenpracht und hat ein Auge auf die schrägen Mauerwerke, aus denen das lugt, was zu einem genaueren Blick motiviert. Die vielen notierten Ziele sind voll mit interessanten Eindrücken und stimmiger Soundauswahl spannend und impulsiv interpretiert und bescheren einen Trip, der prima Kopfkino bietet. Die Scores zu der Reise über fast alle Kontinente hätte ruhig noch weitere Städte vertragen. Warum nicht also gleich die große Tour buchen? Denn für diejenigen, die den Start der nächsten City-Tour verpasst haben, gibt es noch andere spannende Themen in der Kikai Touring Company zu entdecken.”



Germany’s Kikai Kikagu Featured On The 2012 “Not By Yourself” Global Benefit Album

“Producer and composer Kikai Kikagu of Germany will be featured on Germaine Moody’s 2012 “Not By Yourself” global music benefit album. A master arranger and innovative creator of sounds, Kikai will join other artists, producers and composers from over ten countries including Argentina, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Bosnia, Indonesia, USA, Australia, Canada and Norway to name a few. His work “Tribute To Japan” was selected for inclusion. Each year a new album will be produced and released entitled “Not By Yourself” (ex. NBY2012, NBY2013, etc.), featuring global artists and composers, and giving all proceeds to reputable charities for relief with current natural disasters, world crises and selected causes. “Kikai was one of the first producers to respond to our project. His tribute arrangement quickly became our theme intro to the album and the background music in our main video promos”, said Germaine Moody, Executive Producer of “Not By Yourself”. The 2012 debut “Not By Yourself” album is due out March 6th on CanvasEye Music. For details on how you can get involved with the “Not By Yourself” annual global music benefit, visit www.notbyyourself.org.”


I Won’t Lie, You’ve Got to Listen to Kikai

“Many great composers have come from the German speaking region of Europe: Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Bach, etc. The latest addition to that list has got to be Marius Hammerich, the mastermind behind the musical project Kikai. Kikai’s works consist of music made by Hammerich and various collaborators.
Kikai’s music has memorable melodies, haunting harmonies, perfect production, and an ambience that conquers your body and soul. Some tracks are reminiscent of the great works of the 1980’s such as Depeche Mode and Eurhythmics, while others are instrumentals that display music’s power to evoke emotion. One example is the piece entitled “(Tribute) to Japan”.
The song was created after the enormous earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan. It is simply an instrumental with samples from news broadcasts placed on top of it, but it’s much more than that. Even if you did not personally experience the disaster or witness it on the news, you can feel the sadness and devastation of that day while listening to this track. “(Tribute) to Japan” is the perfect soundtrack to the disaster and an excellent memorial.
Kikai is definitely a group of talented individuals. They’re also philanthropists. All profits from their sales are donated to various charities. So if you want to have your mind blown away simply listen to some of Kikai’s works.”
Jami Keken (music.imergeandsee.com)