Jan 20 2015

Today’s Remix Spotlight: ‘Schadenfreude (Kikai Edit)’

Today’s Remix Spotlight:
“‘Schadenfreude (Kikai Edit)‘, by the brilliant and enigmatic, Kikai.
The more I listen to this mix, the more I fall in love with it. Without question, I feel it’s the most unique of all the remixes on the album. It definitely stands apart from the others stylistically. It’s ethereal, menacing, and just a tad on the dark side. I love how it tells the story of what “Schadenfreude” really is. To that end, I suppose it’s even educational in its own way. Particularly for those who aren’t familiar with the term, “Schadenfreude”.

When kikai sent me the first demo of his mix, I was caught off guard somewhat, and I didn’t quite know what to make of it at first. It was so different from all the other remixes I had received prior to his. But as I kept listening to it, I found myself just completely enthralled and entranced by the story that was being told throughout the song. I kept listening over, and over, and over until it just clicked. And when it did click, it was GLORIOUS!

I love how Kikai went against the conventional, or traditional approach that one usually takes when remixing another artists’ song. Kikai literally took my idea…… my concept of the song, if you will, and completely de-constructed it. He ripped it apart to its very foundation, and re-constructed an entirely new song around my original concept. The end result, (for me, anyway), is an absolutely GORGEOUS work of sonic artistry that truly amazes me. It only vaguely resembles my original. But what Kikai created is no less special, and in many ways, far exceeds my original.
I love it for the risk that was taken, and for how succinctly it drives home the concept of ‘Schadenfreude’ in an almost theatrical manner.

Please take a listen to it via the link below, and hopefully you will see the same surreal beauty of this wonderful mix as I do. HUGE thanks to Kikai for his brilliant creativity, and for taking ‘Schadenfreude’ in a truly unique and exciting direction. I strongly recommend checking out Kikai’s own work. It’s pure candy for the mind AND the ears!”
Jimm Kjellgaard (Eminent Sol), facebook, 01/20/2015

Thank you so very much for your too kind and heartwarming words. while working on this track i wondered if you might like the way i took. as i read your post today my heart took a jump and all worries were instantly gone.
Glad you had faith to let me rework “Schadenfreude”.
all the best and take care, Jimm!


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