Oct 3 2011

notes on ‘Labor’

Labor (SynGate, 2011)

‚Labor’ marks a turning point in many aspects for the history of project ‚Kikai’. Recent albums were published under a motto – ‚Labor’ is in broad terms a compilation of different tracks not following any leitmotif.

‚Labor’ is the first album not to be published by ‚Kikai’ but by specialized label SynGate.

Most ‚Labor’ tracks are explicitly written, instrumented and arranged to be performed on stage – in contrast to prior tracks which weren’t concipated to be performed live – considering the international approach of the project and the origins of its contributing artists.

Instead of collaborating with various artists on a concept album ‚Labor’ is a mere solo-work of ‚Kikai’ mastermind Marius C Hammerich – mixed and mastered after relocating ‚kikai kikagu’ studio/label from Krefeld to Obertshausen (Germany).

Above stated aspects make ‚Labor’ a special and groundbreaking album for project ‚Kikai’.

Fans and listeners will be glad to hear that the project will have a stronger focus on ‚performing live’.

There will be no changes to the basic concept ‚music for humans’ – all income from album sales will be donated to chosen social projects and facilities.

‚Kikai’ is very happy that „Relief“ and „Japan“ are included on the album as a bonus. Both tracks were previously contributed to relief projects related to earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan 2011. More information regarding the relief projects to be found on the ‚Kikai’ homepage.

‘Labor’ will be published by syngate and officially presented at this years ElectronicCircusFestival.

it’s already available as mp3-/flac-download and physical mailorder.

The Project:

Kikai brings musicians together who enjoy trying something new and are open to new paths to be creative beyond their usual genre. It is not important which instrument they play, if they sing, speak or rap: experience meets new generation, professional musicians work along side amateurs as equals: it doesn`t matter if the musician is from Hamburg, Milan or Sydney, only the creative drive of the community counts. The ‚kikai kikagu’ studio in Obertshausen is the base but the internet turns the whole world into a (virtual) studio for all artists involved. Marius C. Hammerich the initiator and mastermind of ‚Kikai’ sets the musical fundations: he composes, arranges and produces: ‚Kikai’ won`t allow you to connect it to a genre eventhough a central train of thought cannot be denied.

The motivation:

‚kikai kikagu’ is human-music. ‚Kikai’ does human-music; music by individuals for individuals: All artists decline payment of any kind so that the entire income deriving from album sales is donated to social projects: ‚Kikai’ and all musicians involved do not have to or want to prove anything to anyone – the sole incentive is to do good with the means available.

The means become the aim.









Kikai kikagu

Marius C Hammerich


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