Jan 1 2009


please note that all ‘kikai’-sales will be donated to choosen social projects:

Herman van Veen Foundation
Postbus 1215
NL-7801 BE Emmen
web: www.hermanvanveenfoundation.nl

“The Herman van Veen Foundation represents children’s rights. Through small-scale projects both at home and abroad, we give expression to these rights. For more than 10 years now, this work is being carried out according to the maxim “if the children are doing well, then so is the world“. Our foundation helps children and draws attention to injustices.”
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Sep 4 2016

Evolve – the next chapter

finding that our collaboration “Evolve” received some good feedback and the collaboration itself was great fun, Paul Darlington and myself decided to open the next chapter.

still unsure about the title… :)

Apr 17 2016

“from beyond” and now for the upcoming album…

dear supporters,
this really is the final track for the upcoming album. still need to figure out the name *sigh*

anyway – here we go “from beyond” – enjoy!

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Feb 6 2016

“0123” album of the week @Flaechenklang

album "0123"
very happy to announce that our recent album “0123” made it as album of the week on german webzine Flaechenklang.
Thomas Goetze wrote some very kind accompanying words – in german. i’ll try to add an english translation by next week.

thank you for your ongoing support – and please spread the word and stay tuned :)

Jan 19 2016

new concept album “one hundert poems”

this is part one … nine to follow.

Hyakunin isshu (百人一首) is a traditional style of compiling Japanese waka poetry where each contributor writes one poem for the anthology.
the wakas used had been written between 1162 and 1241.

images courtesy UBC Library.